Jun 302011

WHAT IS THE ACTIVITY? Is your group on facebook? Do you have a blog? Or even better, your own website? If your group wants to grow, people need to be able to find you, and the web is increasingly a tool people use to explore even their own backyard. Try this – go to [read more]

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Jun 162011

Part of the ROP Organizing Internship program involves an option to vision, design, and carry out a project from start to finish. Intern Katy Giombolini came to ROP with a background in food justice. For her independent project, she decided to focus on strengthening the local food network here in Columbia County.

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Jun 152011

Dear Friends and Allies,

We’re excited to begin the search for an additional Organizer to join the ROP team.  Please help us in our quest – forward this job description to your contacts in Oregon and beyond – we know that the perfect one is out there somewhere.

Applications are due on July 5th.

Questions or recruitment ideas?  Contact

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Jun 072011

CSTI, the Western States Center’s annual 3-day training and networking extravaganza, is coming up!  Registration is open until June 24th! If you haven’t attended CSTI (Community Strategic Training Initiative) before, what better year to start?  There are: Hundreds of volunteers and staff from groups working for social justice. Dozens of highly skilled trainer & organizers [read more]

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May 202011

Do you know somebody who is ready to get in a little bit deeper with ROP?  Our beloved intern Katy Giombolini will soon complete her time with us, and we’re looking for somebody to fill her shoes. Contact with any questions.  Get in touch with us by Friday, June 17th if you’re intrigued. Seeking [read more]

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May 172011

Over 130 people representing dozens of groups from 27 counties joined us at the Caucus this year in a spirit of celebration, solidarity, and resistance for a day of storytelling, workshops, and strategy sessions.  See photos here, and be sure to tune into Circle A Radio’s show about the Caucus on KBOO tomorrow at 6pm!
Thank you to all who hosted visitors in your homes, led workshops, helped with logistics, and especially to the First Presbyterian Church in Bend for hosting us.  Everybody chipped in to make this a Caucus truly owned by the ROP community.
The day was packed with inspirational moments, but the most powerful was our noon break, when we used the collective voice of our statewide network, and marched down to Congressman Walden’s Bend office to serve him a Notice of Foreclosure!

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May 172011

Current Oregon law requires proof of citizenship to qualify for in-state tuition rates. This means that many of Oregon’s brightest students are being priced out of state colleges and universities.

The difference between in-state and out-of-state tuition is significant – for example at the University of Oregon, in-state tuition is $8,190 a year.

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May 082011

On Saturday, May 7th in Bend, Oregon Rural Oregonians decide Representative Walden is in default & Foreclose on Walden! Watch news coverage here NOTICE OF DEFAULT AND FORECLOSURE Reference is made to the elected Representative of Oregon’s 2nd District in the US House of Representatives, since 1999: GREG WALDEN This notice is about Rep. Walden’s [read more]

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May 042011

The myth that rural Oregon is populated by a homogenous bunch of straight, conservative, Christian white folks is just that, a myth.  Always has been, always will be.  Rural progressives know that just about better than anybody.
From the Umatilla Reservation in Eastern Oregon to the growing Latino population on the coast, to the farmworker families of the valley and Southern Oregon, rural towns have been racially diverse for many years, and are becoming more so.  (And that’s not to mention the mosaic of gender identities, faith beliefs, and politics!)  I’m not talking Chicago diverse, but let’s get real: the 2010 Census numbers show Hispanics to be 12% of the state’s population, and that 16% of Oregonians are black, Native American, Asian, or some other non-white race.
Find 2009 census estimates for your county here:

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