Kitchen Table Activism

Kitchen Table Activism (KTA) is a monthly project of the Rural Organizing Project. Often building on quarterly themes, short actions are described in each KTA. The theory is that basic steps and tasks can lead to powerful collective results as small groups of people gather to complete the same action throughout the state of Oregon. ROP works to keep the basic tasks easily achievable so that groups with other projects or groups with limited immediate energy can still manage to complete the KTA each month.

Jul 262016

July/ August 2016 Kitchen Table Activity WHAT IS THE ACTIVITY? This month’s Kitchen Table Activity is to submit your order for ROP’s STAND Voter Guide–STAND standing for Small Town Actions for a New Democracy– and to develop a plan for distributing the voter guides when ballots arrive in mid-October. The STAND Voter Guide, designed by [read more]

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Mar 312016

April-May 2016 Kitchen Table Activism: Rural Caucus & Strategy Session Register today for ROP’s annual Rural Caucus & Strategy Session on Saturday, May 14th (and Sunday, May 15th) in Bend! Join ROP rural organizers and leaders and unite our voices and strengthen our movement for justice in Oregon. WHY THIS ACTIVITY? This year’s theme for [read more]

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Dec 172015

December 2015 – January 2016 Kitchen Table Activism RESPONDING TO BACKLASH AGAINST SYRIAN REFUGEES AND MUSLIMS WHY THIS ACTIVITY? Throughout the US, there is a raging backlash against Syrian refugees and people who are Muslim or perceived to be Muslim. Tragic events in Paris, Beirut, Nigeria, Mali and Southern California have fed fears and stereotypes, [read more]

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Oct 242015

Oct-Nov 2015 Kitchen Table Activity: Signature Gathering for the $15 Minimum Wage WHY THIS ACTIVITY? ROP, as a member of the Oregon $15Now campaign, is gathering signatures needed to put a minimum wage increase on the ballot in 2016! Turning in signatures from Oregon’s rural counties tells a story — the story that our communities [read more]

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May 122015

May – June 2015 Kitchen Table Activity: Collect Signatures for a $15 Minimum Wage! WHY THIS ACTIVITY? The Oregon $15Now campaign is hitting the streets! Starting last week on May Day (International Workers Day), leaders across the state began collecting the first signatures for a $15 minimum wage initiative on the 2016 ballot. These will [read more]

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Apr 032015

April 2015 Kitchen Table Activity: Rural Caucus & Strategy Session The Rural Organizing Project’s annual Rural Caucus & Strategy Session is the place for rural organizers to come together and strengthen our movement for justice in Oregon. Register today and join us Saturday, June 13th (and Friday & Sunday) in Woodburn! WHY THIS ACTIVITY? The [read more]

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Mar 032015

March 2015 Kitchen Table Activity: Legislative Platform WHY THIS ACTIVITY? 2015 could be an incredible year for progressive change here in Oregon! Thanks to decades of organizing by many, including thousands upon thousands of rural and small town Oregonians, this session will include legislation that directly addresses many forms of police profiling to raising the [read more]

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Jan 302015

WHY THIS ACTIVITY? February 14th marks Valentine’s Day, a time to get out arts and crafts supplies and make cards! Valentine’s Day also falls right at the beginning of Oregon’s legislative session where our legislators will make decisions that impact our families and our communities for years to come. This year, our legislators have the [read more]

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