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Jun 192017

This year is ROP’s 25th anniversary and guess how we’ve been celebrating? With the largest Rural Caucus & Strategy Session in ROP’s history! On Saturday, June 3rd, over 160 people representing 31 of Oregon’s 36 counties gathered for a day of making connections with peers across the state while strategizing, visioning, and building our movement [read more]

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May 232017

We are thrilled to introduce you to ROP’s most recent organizer to join the staff team, Keyla Almazan! Keyla first met ROP through her kickass work with her local human dignity group in Yamhill County many years ago, and she has served in just about every role at ROP possible since, including interning, working as [read more]

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May 062017

May 4th, 2017 Dear ROPnet, There’s much happening around Oregon and the country right now. All ROP staff are currently in The Dalles supporting Gorge ICE Resistance, a growing local coalition of groups throughout the Columbia Gorge, that are supporting courageous hunger strikers inside of NORCOR, a county jail that is illegally detaining immigrants. We [read more]

 Posted by on May 6, 2017
May 052017

On Saturday, several immigrant detainees in The Dalles went on hunger strike to amplify their demands for humane conditions inside of the Northern Oregon Regional Corrections Facility (NORCOR) alongside the hunger strikers in the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma, WA. After six days without food, the hunger strikers in NORCOR have ended their strike (for [read more]

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May 012017

Hunger strike spreads to two states ICE’s attempt to break strike greeted with resistance in Oregon Dear friends and supporters, Communities in Washington and Oregon are under direct attack by anti-immigrant policies, and your help is urgently needed to support the resistance. For three weeks, more than 750 immigrants detained at the for-profit Northwest Detention [read more]

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Apr 102017

April 7th, 2017 Dear ROPnet, During the height of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, human dignity leaders showed up to be the voice of reason. We held vigils, rallies and town halls to ask: what is the Co$t of War to our communities? We wrote letters to members of Congress. We published op-eds and [read more]

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Apr 102017

Come to the 2017 Rural Caucus And Strategy Session in Madras, Oregon on June 3rd & 4th. *Register by April 15th for our early bird discount!* WHY THIS ACTIVITY? Coming out of this past election and inauguration, we were propelled into action. A force was coming at us and we didn’t know how bad it [read more]

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Apr 022017

Please join us in welcoming the new Jefferson County human dignity group to the ROP family! Two weeks ago, nearly 50 people from across Jefferson County filled the Madras library annex for the group’s first official meeting. Every seat in the room was taken by members of the Teen Book Club, supportive parents and teachers, [read more]

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