Get Involved


Here are just a few ways you can get involved in the work for social justice and a stronger democracy:

Act Locally

The heart of ROP’s work is done in local communities through human dignity groups. There are over 50 Member Groups of the ROP. Contact us at office (at) or call us at 503-543-8417 to find out what kind of local organizing is happening in your area.

Stay Connected Across the Region

ROPNET is the official listserve of the Rural Organizing Project. It is a secure list to the extent that all names added are involved with the work of the ROP. Our email listserve was one of the first to use email to organize when it was launched in the early 1990s. ROPNET is intended first and foremost to break the isolation that rural human rights activists can experience. Subscribe to ROPnet.

Become a Member of the Rural Organizing Project

Are you or your group committed to social justice and human dignity?  Do you care about making rural Oregon’s communities exciting and vibrant centers for democracy?  Do you want to connect with others who feel similarly and get support for your organizing?  Join ROP today!


Volunteers play a treasured role for the Rural Organizing Project. At ROP, we accomplish far more than what 4 staff people could possibly do on our own, and how do we make it happen?  It is because of literally thousands of volunteers who serve on our board, who lead local groups, and for those in Columbia County… who take weekly shifts in our office, maintaining our critical systems! Interested in joining our incredible team of volunteers? Call our office at 503-543-8417 or email today!