Bookstore and Library


Looking for a film to show in your community?  Want to learn more about organizing or social movements?  The ROP office is home to a variety of documentaries, movies, and books for sale and for lending.  Below is a list of excellent materials about organizing, progressive politics, and social movements. 

Interested in making a purchase or borrowing materials?  Email!

Books For Sale:

  • Lessons from the Field: Organizing in Rural Communities – Joe Szakos and Kristin Laying Szakos ($15) **Buy here**
  • Doing Democracy – Bill Moyer ($15)
  • The Stranger Next Door – Arlene Stein ($17)
  • In the Time of the Right – Suzanne Pharr ($10.95)

Films Available for Rent (to member groups):

Immigration & Race:

  • Papers the Movie Graham Street Productions
  • Made in LA – Robert Bahar and Almudena Carracedo
  • Oregon Immigrant Freedom Ride 2003 – Tom Chamberlin
  • A Day without a Mexican – Sergio Arau
  • Aumento Ya! A raise Now! – PCUN (VHS)
  • Not in Our Town – The Working Group

LGBTQ Issues:

  • OUT in the Silence – Qwaves
  • Gay Lives and Culture Wars –Democracy Media (VHS)
  • Gay Youth – Pam Walton (VHS)
  • Camp Lavender Hill – Michael Magnaye (VHS)
  • Straight from the Heart – Dr. Dee Mosbacher and Francis Reid (VHS)

War & Peace:

  • Rethinking Afghanistan – Jason Zaro
  • Control Room – Hani Salama and Rosadel Varela
  • Breaking Ranks – Leah Mallen and Trish Dolman
  • And Justice for All – Hate Free Zone (VHS)


  • WalMart: the high price of low cost – Robert Greenwald
  • Out of the Shadows – Oregon Campaign for Economic Justice


  • Jesus Camp – Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady
  • All Gods Children – Dr. Dee Mosbacher and Francis Reid (VHS)

Democracy & Politics:

  • Uncounted – David Earnhardt
  • How Democrats and Progressives can Win – George Lakoff
  • When Democracy Works – Katherine Saalfield (VHS)
  • Cost of War Town Hall District Five – ROP


  • A Class Divided – Frontline (VHS)

Books Available for Rent:

  • Power Participation and State-Based Politics – Applied Research Center
  • Restoring the Promise of America – Center for Policy Alternatives
  • Understanding the Immigrant Experience in Oregon – Robert Bussel
  • Women for a Change – Thalia Zepatos and Elizabeth Kaufman
  • A Bill Becomes a Law – Daniel M. Berman