Rural Organizing Project supports local human dignity groups in organizing their communities around a multi-issue platform of peace and justice. We are working to dismantle the monopoly of power and wealth that have created the global war on terror, erosion of civil liberties, breakdown of the safety net, and targeting of minority communities like immigrants and LGBTQ people as a tool for distraction and division. Our overarching strategy is to build an inclusive movement of rural people committed to global justice, peace, and real democracy that will be the undoing of all these wars.

ROP is an organization rooted in the values of transformative organizing and intersectionality. We believe that to create communities that truly value human dignity, we must organize in a way that weaves an anti-oppression framework and cross-issue perspective into every campaign. We can’t stop the wars without talking about how the poor and people of color are the military’s targets, both in recruitment and in the war itself. We can’t advocate economic justice and strong local economy without addressing who is most left out of any ‘stimulus.’

In this way our vision is as broad as our base, and just as agile.  We are rooted in the messy but true realities of everyday life in rural and small-town Oregon.  By banding together, and doing true community organizing, we are building a rural voice that has an impact.

Take a look at our five featured issue areas for the most updated stories about what rural Oregon is up to: Democracy & Civic Participation, Immigrant Fairness, LGBTQ Justice, Economic Justice, and the Cost of War.