Annual Rural Caucus & Strategy Session


Looking for more information on the Rural Caucus & Strategy Session and Rural Organizing Institute? Ready to register? You’re in the right place!

The Rural Caucus and Strategy Session is the biggest day of the year for ROP – it is when the entire statewide network of rural organizers and community leaders come together to share stories and skills, build relationships and analysis, and advance plans to strengthen the movement for democracy and justice in rural and small town Oregon.  

The Rural Caucus & Strategy Session began in the early 1990s and continued as an annual tradition because it serves as a space for leaders to reflect on our work over the last year, share our lessons learned, and build collective next steps. Every Rural Caucus & Strategy Session features think tanks on topics that reflect on our moment in time, the issues impacting rural and small town Oregon, and how to continue to build our long-term movement for justice and human dignity. For more details about previous Caucuses, check out links to summaries below.

Saturday, June 3rd:

  • Rural Caucus and Strategy Session – the main event – 8:30AM-5:30PM
  • ROP’s Birthday Shindig – 5:30PM until the cows come home! Join us for live music, dancing (and a lesson!), dinner, dessert, and amazing company and conversation! Help us ring in our 25th year of connecting and supporting a bold and courageous rural movement for justice!

Sunday, June 4th:

  • Rural Organizing Institute – 9AM-1:30PM. Join us for a half-day of trainings and workshops, including:
    • RAPID RESPONSE TEAMS with Pedro Sosa, American Friends Service Committee
      Learn about how to coordinate a strategic response to potential ICE activity in your community through building an effective Rapid Response Team. Pedro has trained communities around the state, with varying levels of infrastructure, on how to effectively organize and respond to ICE actions to protect and support our immigrant neighbors who are impacted by the threat of detention and deportation. Come gain tools to strengthen an existing Rapid Response Team or to start one in your community.
    • CHANGING THE STORY: MESSAGING, MEDIA AND COMMUNICATIONS FOR JUSTICE with Angus Maguire, Center for Story-based Strategy
      Ever wished for better headlines covering your events and actions? Or wished for news coverage at all? Do reporters always get it wrong? In this workshop we’ll go beyond press releases and protest signs to learn the basics of story-based strategy, a method for integrating organizing, action planning, and messaging, with some practical tips for relating to journalists. Angus works with the Center for Story-based Strategy, developing participatory tools for grassroots strategy and action. When we change the story, we can change the future!
    • GRASSROOTS ORGANIZING with Rural Organizing Project
      The tried and true organizing tools and skills to build a movement (and your local group!). Together we’ll put together an organizer’s toolbox, including how to pull together a group, identify opportunities to strategically organize in your community, create a campaign, and the tactics you’ll need to organize for change! All the nuts and bolts of organizing, from successful one-on-one conversations to leading a good meeting.

Register for the Rural Caucus & Strategy Session – Saturday, June 3rd
& Rural Organizing Institute – Sunday, June 4th in Madras, Oregon!

Click here to download a printable registration form. Please send with payment to ROP at PO Box 1350 Scappoose, OR 97056

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