Organizing Tools


ROP’s most important work is to keep each Human Dignity Group vibrant, healthy, and growing. ROP supports the formation of new groups and builds the power of existing groups through leadership development, capacity-building, and strategic planning.

Member groups are autonomous, volunteer-run organizations in rural and small-town Oregon that are rooted in the local reality of their community.  Like any movement, groups ebb and flow over time – taking on emerging issues with agility, and laying long-term groundwork for social change.

While our work is ever developing, there are some best practices that have been developed over the years by and for small-town leaders.  Here we present our two Organizing Toolkits.  These downloadable tools are effective, easy-to-use, and carry no worries of pesky nail gun accidents!

1. CAPACITY BUILDING TOOLKIT: Starting, nurturing, and structuring your HUMAN DIGNITY GROUP

2. ROP ORGANIZING TOOLKIT: For small-town and rural groups who are not afraid to be bold.  Find more specific tools under Issues.

In addition to the toolkits provided, ROP organizers are available to work one-on-one with member groups, via phone, email, or in person. Just ask.

ROP also has a variety of books and videos for sale and rent. See the ROP Bookstore and Library to see what we have available.